Submission Procedure

  1. Submit all 3 files to:

Joseph H. Hancock, II at jhh33@drexel.edu

  1. In the subject line of your submission use the following wording to indicate whether you are submitting a teaching, research, design, or panel abstract

Fashion & Media: Teaching
Fashion & Media: Scholarship/Research
Fashion & Media: Design
Fashion & Media: Panel

  1. Attach the three files to your email as described in the guidelines above.
  1. Complete a separate e-mail submission for each abstract/design/panel you want to submit. Multiple submissions are welcomed. Authors will be notified that their submission was received. If you fail to receive notification within 72 hours, please contact Joseph H. Hancock, II at joseph.hancockii@gmail.com.

Abstract Submission Deadline (Received by): Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis up until August 1, 2017. All submission will be notified one month after they have submitted their proposal.